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Sallie's Spanish School 


We offer one on one private lessons for students. By the end of our 4-week course, each student will be more fluent in international Spanish.

With our technique, you will enter a world that can provide you with endless opportunities, Intriguing experiences, and exciting challenges....


Learn Spanish and you will possess a valuable tool that will serve you when you least expect it.   

We are accepting students at all levels. Spanish tutoring is available to help students maintain and improve their proficiency. Classes are tailored to the students.


They will learn the following:

Pronunciation / Accent, Grammar, Conversation,
Vocabulary, Reading, & Writing.


spanish student


is designed to give a basic foundation for oral communication. Simple verb tenses, sentence order, and practical vocabulary that you can use immediately, are taught. We start with greetings. Expressing how you are and how you feel. Using numbers to give phone numbers, addresses, prices, etc.

General rules of pronunciation, gender of Spanish nouns. Describing people and places, family, descriptive objectives, and possessive pronouns. Telling time and talking of adjectives. Present tense conjugation of regular Spanish verbs who, what, where, when, and how question forms... All this is covered in " Beginner's Spanish".

Advanced Conversation


Is for the student who needs to brush up on verb tenses, who want to practice discussing newspaper articles or opinions. Students choose topics of interest.

Intermediate I


Builds on what is learned in "Beginner's" classes. Instruction using verbs + infinitives. Direct and Indirect Instruction using verbs + infinitives. Direct and indirect object pronouns and verbs commonly used with this structure ( me gusta..., me encanta..., me molesta..., etc.)

Vocabulary is expanded, past, future, and reflexive tenses are learned. We aim for 80% of students speaking in class.

Intermediate II

Starts where intermediate 1 leaves off. By now you should be able to use past tense of irregular verbs and have sufficient vocabulary to ask for and understand information, use adjectives in descriptions, and express opinions in simple forms.

New learning includes imperfect, present perfect, and past perfect tenses for uses in conversation. Increasingly complex sentence structures are taught.

Intermediate III

Emphasizes the uses of the " conditional" and "subjunctive" for use in conversation as well as other complex structures.

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